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Fresh, minerality runs through the wine. A combination of old, new oak & rich ripe fruit, leads to a beautiful long finish, creamy with medium acidity.


Fruity, vegetal, and light to medium-bodied, this wine features light tannins and low acidity. Well balanced, pleasant, and classically delicious.


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A highly aromatic wine with flavors of cherries & blackberries mixed with spice and a subtle earthiness all balanced by a refreshing acidity & fine


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A real masterpiece with its dominance of Carignan & Syrah from the domaine’s best exposed, southern-facing vineyards. It is delicious, ripe-tasting &


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There is no dosage making this a crisp and fresh sparkler; a rival to many good Champagnes


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The Table! The Best wine for under $14

Domaine Massiac | ‘Viognier,’ Minervois, France 2019

Full-bodied & juicy, with all the honeysuckle aromas one could ask for!


Structured fruitiness from a unique blend of red and white grapes!


A white blend that undergoes carbonic maceration with amazing texture & a smooth finish. Limestone minerality pairs with notes of honey, cider & herbs.


Super juicy & fruity on the palette. Medium body with a subtle but healthy amount of tannins, well balanced and made beautifully!


Dark rosé made from a blend of red and white grapes. This is a stunning wine, bursting with fresh, tropical notes and bright berries.


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