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Natural &/Or Skin-Contact (Orange) Wines

Chateau Cambon | Beaujolais Rouge, Beaujolais, France 2018

Earthy. Woodsy. Light tannins. Great acidity and minerality.


Age-worthy Beaujolais! Cool-toned & finely structured, the palate is earthy & floral on the attack then develops vivid berry flavors & a mineral finish.

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Natural &/Or Skin-Contact (Orange) Wines

Damien Coquelet | Chénas, France 2018

Step son of Georges Descombes; we think he may have learned a thing or two from the old man.


Guy Breton a.k.a Petit Max. Part of the Gang of Four. Enough said.


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A big, beautiful bottle full of serious minerality, with earthy stone and plum notes. Dusty tannins and a long evolution in the glass that keeps you studyi


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Joie de vivre in a bottle from mostly young-vine Morgon. Bonus points for the screw cap, making this the perfect companion to your improvised, bundled-up s


Natural &/Or Skin-Contact (Orange) Wines

Pierre Cotton | ‘100% Cotton,’ Brouilly, France 2018

Aggressive and energetic acidity, serious horsepower, & insanely food friendly! The finish goes on for nearly a minute! Killin' wine.


Natural &/Or Skin-Contact (Orange) Wines

Pierre Cotton | ‘Le Pré,’ Beaujolais, France 2018

Cotton's wines never fail to excite us! Juicy, textured, & loaded with heaps of acid. A total crowd pleaser or the perfect solo indulgence.


Natural &/Or Skin-Contact (Orange) Wines

Yann Bertrand | ‘DYNAMITE,’ Morgon, France 2019

A powerful, ravishing and fruit-forward Morgon, this wine balances deep red fruit with earthy complexity and a hint of herbal freshness.

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Natural &/Or Skin-Contact (Orange) Wines

Yann Bertrand | ‘FOLIE,’ Fleurie, France 2019

A Beaujolais brimming with graphite, flint and cranberry. High acid, but well integrated. A fun crowd pleaser for sure.

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Great purity & fruit balanced with a classic Juliénas spiciness. Only sold in large formats since the bigger the bottle, the better the taste.


A delish bottle from a parcel nicknamed the "dangerous ditch," this wine features a smooooooth mouthfeel, a tart finish & hints of stoniness.

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