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Natural &/Or Skin-Contact (Orange) Wines

Brand | ‘Cuvée Flora: Dornfelder,’ Pfalz, Germany NV

This Dornfelder pours like a big red with a textural white-like acidity. Great food wine, energetic minerality, blueberry, sour plum & cucumber freshness.


Unfiltered, bubbly fun! A bit chalky, great tartness, tropical fruit... what more could you ask for? Oh, AND it's a table wine?! This is a steal!


Crafted from a centuries old recipe passed down by the Lady Abbesses of Chateau-Chalon, this magic elixir is said to be one of the hardest wines to get in


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The label is a photograph of the plants steeping in the wine! Thirty plus botanicals, all grown or harvested by Channing Daughters & friends!


A semi-dry & late harvest cider, the intense nose of ripe apple is balanced with beautiful acidity and maturity on the palate.


The apple and pear pomace from cider making is used in order to achieve this low abv and provocative beverage. Essentially, this is apple piquette!


Dark rosé made from a blend of red and white grapes. This is a stunning wine, bursting with fresh, tropical notes and bright berries.


Fresh, aromatic, zippy! All the joie de vivre we know and love from Sot de L’Ange's 'La Boutanche' wines!


Earthy & medium-bodied with notes of cherry stems, allspice, moss & violets. This chillable half bottle will go perfectly with your meat & cheese plate/pic


This sparkler is loaded with chalky minerality. Dry with ripe apple, very fine bubbles & excellent acidity. Non Dose means no sugar has been added.


Smith & Vine

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