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Harmony - a rather apt word to describe this well-balanced, no age statement Japanese blended whisky.


Green with herbal notes. Basil, pine needle, green apple, sweet pear, mint, kiwi, green tea, and subtle smoke.


The flagship whisky from the Yamazaki distillery, dating all the way back to 1923.


New oak barrel aged Shoshu. Smooth and buttery, nicely balanced and all kinds of flavorful.


Refer to bottle to know what that milkiness is all about ↑


For when you need a "little" sake.


A beautiful balance between sweetness & acidity! Yuzu brightens this sake to an intensely refreshing level. Chill it & sip it straight or with selt


A cloudy sake that has perfected the balance of flavor and texture. Deep yet refreshing, ricey while fruity, and a pop of acidity all at the same time!


The complex, sweet and mellow flavors of this expression will help you re-discover the beauty of a grain whisky!


Nutty with notes of almond, dates, & leather; a hint of vanilla on the finish. It's an elegant whisky, light in body but with complexity.


A little sake made from the traditional Kimoto method, featuring dusty rice aroma & asian pear notes on the palate.


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"Roku" is Japanese for "Six" which refers to the six Japanese botanicals used here. Earthy and vegetal, with a light whisper of fruity sweetness.


Rich and deep; excellent with a chill or served warm. Excellent with fried oysters, Japanese "katsu," or cutlet, or yakitori.


Aged 15 years, the signature coffee aroma gives way to a savory-acidic palate and an extra long, bitter and caramelized finish.


This natural sake packs a punch - the aroma is intense with lactic acid. The palate is strong with savory & acidic notes. The finish is LOOONG & dr


Earthy style with a hint of melon. Crisp, clean finish. Perfect for poultry or creamy, textured foods.


This is a perfect example of a “round” sake, or one that blends sweetness, flavor and acidity in equal proportions.


The brewery revived this rice strain after it had been extinct for sixty years. It is now a cult favorite among sake aficionados.


So many uses for this refreshing spirit with light grassy notes and a smooth and buttery texture.


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