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Natural &/Or Skin-Contact (Orange) Wines

Eva Fricke | ‘Trocken,’ Rheingau, Germany 2018

This wine is the definition of high acidity and beauty. Clean cut, dry, and mineral driven.


Fragrant essence of spring blossoms sets the stage for a succulent palate of early fruit, balanced with a refreshing crispness.


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The wine is simply stunning on the palate. Subtle peachy elements are lifted up by ripe zesty fruits and minerals, and a touch of lemony whipped cream.


The Koerner boys have used some old school techniques to build character into this beautiful Clare Valley fruit.


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Natural &/Or Skin-Contact (Orange) Wines

Laurent Barth | ‘Riesling,’ Alsace, France 2017

Barth's wines are pure, taut & structured. This particular vintage features ripe orchard fruit on the nose with zippy fruit & granite on the palate.


An elegant introduction to Riesling, with fresh unmistakable aromas of apple & citrus fruits and lively highlights of a delicate mineral note.


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Lively, rustic, terroir-driven. White Rose, quince, and kishu mandarin.


Delicately dry, crisp acidity, juicy aromatics and wildly drinkable. AND it's in a can?! You can't do better than that.


Elegant, filigreed and full bodied. This vintage will go down in history for the region because the wines are very balanced and outstanding!


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Natural &/Or Skin-Contact (Orange) Wines

Weiser-Künstler | ‘Riesling Feinherb,’ Mosel, Germany 2019

The Swiss Army knife of Riesling; good for any occasion that may call Riesling. And then some. Off-dry with just the right acidity to balance it out.


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