Smith & Vine is ranked in the top 10 wine shops in NYC, most recently by Grub Street, Time Out NY and CBS. The selection is ex


Soft, single vineyard elegance from New Zealand's best.  A thrillingly aromatic magic carpet ride of flavor.


The Table! The Best wine for under $14

Otto’s Constant Dream | Marlborough, New Zealand 2019

Otto just can't understand how they make it so citrusy, it's all he can think about, all he can dream about, but he's gonna figure it out someday.


An amazing vintage we've tasted of this tiny production of Italy's famous seaside grape. All the aromatic lift, none of the California fatness.


Kentucky’s Finest Table Whiskey.


Local varieties like Trepat deserved  to be saved from extinction because then you can chill them and have them with your paella and jamon!


Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

Chateau Cambon | Beaujolais Rouge, Beaujolais, France 2018

Earthy. Woodsy. Light tannins. Great acidity and minerality.


Ah yes. the Southern Marche, where the robust reds are kissed by sunshine in their coastal vineyards. The romance of Italy will never run out...


So your looking for elegance and refinement? Stay classy with Sancerre.


Rich, dense and magical Riesling from one of the masters.


Moscato with a strong and original personality. A long and persistent finish with nice notes of sweet and mature fruit.


Now in its 3rd century of production, this is a pretty classic example of Sicily's old traditional favorite.


This amazing rose is refreshing, edgy and mineral. Very lively on the palate, quite structured yet with a pleasing roundness. White peach, nectarine, and l


Well, old vine field blends should always get you all amped up. You could just start yelling about how good it is, we won't be mad.


Brambly, ripe Zinfandel fruit and spice in a fresh package. The use of stainless on the Foxglove Zin keeps the ripe fruit from being too dark.