Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

Gia Togonidze | Kakhetian Mtsvane, Kakheti, Georgia 2018

A young wine distinguished by a rich bouquet, intense amber hue, a pleasantly bitter taste and strong, yet balanced tannins.


A brilliant strawberry color. Strawberry and plum aromas. Fresh in the mouth, with tons of fruit, elegant, clean and pleasing finish.


Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

Christian Tschida | ‘Birdscape,’ Burgenland, Austria 2019

Somewhere between light red & rosé, which the winemaker refers to as “Pink Maceration,” results is slightly effervescent with pomegranate & nutty note


Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

Quinta Varzea da Pedra | ‘Branco Macerado,’ Lisboa, Portugal 2017

A full-bodied yet crisp skin-contact wine. Clay & limestone soils give this bottle a distinct minerality while 12 months on the lees softens the flavors.


Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

Domaine Rietsch | ‘Tout Blanc Litre,’ Alsace, France 2018

Notes of orchard fruit, citrus and dried herbs with a clarifying tonic quality. Easy-drinking and pairs perfectly with creamy or spicy food.


A lovely blend of white flowers & red fruits, the Haru rosé serenades the arrival of spring, as signified by its Japanese name! Subtle, elegant & enjoyabl


A flavor profile of violets and oranges, imagine a floral cointreau with an extra hint of sweetness.


Fresh, vibrant red fruit and acidity with a hint of savory kick on the mid-palate that makes it a really exciting rosé to pair with your summer dinners!


The apple and pear pomace from cider making is used in order to achieve this low abv and provocative beverage. Essentially, this is apple piquette!


Bright, light berry fruits on the nose. Pleasant acid and slightly dry. A perfect summer sipper!


Citrus and herbal notes with ripe passion fruit and gooseberry.


A briny, funky and raw skin contact, natty and barnyardy. Natural fermentation, no filtering or fining and no sulfur added.


Medium body and acidity. White flowers, honeydew, apple, white pepper, and sea spray with notes of ginger and nuts on the finish.


Notes of charred oak and fresh mint. Subtle caramel apple tones are delicately balanced with the lingering essence of coffee and black pepper.


Unmistakable spice mingles with sweet caramel and vanilla to create a bourbon that is incomparably brash and bold, yet smooth and balanced.


Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

La Salada | ‘La Bufarella’ | Penedes, Catalonia, Spain 2019

Ripe white fruit with floral notes and a touch of fresh yeast in the nose. Juicy with volume and freshness, and a long finish.