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Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

Casa de Mouraz | ‘Encruzado,’ Dão, Portugal 2017

The excellence of the Encruzado grape, the noblest white variety of the Dão. Mineral & floral, fresh & structured, it embodies the balance in wine form.


Earthy. Woodsy. Light tannins. Great acidity and minerality.


Wild and earthy. Silky texture conveys rich, dark fruits and subtle hints of earth and spice.


From producer Jean Thevenet. Golden ripe fruit, orange marmalade, citrus oil, caramel, mineral, and spice.


A tart and delicious berry explosion, a hint of strawberries & cream and bubblegum in a good way! An electric but easy drinkin' summer wine!


This delicious white from the French borders of Catalonia is grippy and tangy with lime peel, herbs and refreshing stone fruit flavours.


Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

Domaine Puech Redon | ‘Apparente,’ Pays du Gard, France 2018

Fresh, zingy, and hearty too. Rhone flavors, but with light body and very chillable.


Uivo, a howl back to nature! Months of skin contact, but an approachable wine! Beautiful acidity, mellow stone fruits, great texture & light body.


Light, chillable, & oh so easy to drink. Fun bubbles with notes of tart, juicy pomegranate & rose petals. Perfect spring sipping.


Medium-bodied, dry. Red cherry & raspberry on the nose and palate followed by acidity & minerals on the finish. Fresh & vibrant - party on!


If you know, you know.


Light, fresh, & easy to drink, as is to be expected from a Passetoutgrain! An excellent value from one of the top winemakers of Burgundy!


Guy Breton a.k.a Petit Max. Part of the Gang of Four. Enough said.


Great fruit - think raspberries & pomegranates - a traditional, rustic, spicy nose, stony freshness from the schist soil, & a refreshing acidity.


The fruit is bright and juicy on the palate, with plums, red cherries & raspberries. Firm tannins on the finish are both rustic & pleasing.


Savory & spicy, this wine expresses tightly wound tannins, spice, and power, balanced with structure & depth to create a harmonious wine.


Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

João Pato a.k.a. Duckman | ‘Baaaga Duck,’ Alto Douro, Portugal 2018

A mouthful of dark berried, jell-o like freshness. This is dangerously easy to drink. Best enjoyed with a slight chill.


Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

Kumpf & Meyer | ‘Y’a Plus Qu’a,’ Alsace, France 2017

A little tart, but generous fruit – pear, orange, mango & floral hints, followed by minerality, & finishes with clear focus & tension.


Skin Contact White (aka Orange) & Natural Wines

Metamorphika | ‘Macabeu-Brisat,’ Catalunya, Spain 2018

Decadent, floral, soft and delightful. 2 weeks skin contact provides glorious orange hues. Paella night!


Definitely dry, but fruity and fresh. This wine goes down dangerously (and deliciously) easy. Plus, who doesn't love a liter?!


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