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Possesses intriguing levels of spice and complexity. The hazelnut and dried raisin notes are results of Madeira Barrique finishing.


Four grain wheated bourbon distilled from New York corn.


Honey colored, with a soft, rich tone on the palate. Deep stone fruit, cherry, purple flowers and nuts abound.


There's a critter in this one. Gusano de maguey are eaten on the regular in Mexico.


Which four peels you wonder? Orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime! The aromas nearly jump out of the glass, with allspice, cinnamon, coriander and Juniper in


Westward, the highest rated American Single Malt, is a whiskey of Northwest provenance. Westward is a whiskey of the elements, born from the unique culture


Canadian rye, bottled and aged in Vermont. Full-on flavor profile of clove, mint, barrel char, creamy caramels and butterscotch.


100% Rye aged in American oak barrels.


The palate is a balance of caramel, vanilla, spices and citrus. We're not sure if they made the opulent bottle to match the Whiskey or vice versa.


The majority of juniper is gathered wild from the neighboring mountains and is definitely the focus of the spirit. Gluten Free!


So many uses for this refreshing spirit with light grassy notes and a smooth and buttery texture.


Amaros, Vermouth & Mixers

Zucca | ‘Rabarbaro,’ Milan, Italy

With a sweet, medicinal aroma, this amaro is brightly bitter up front, with thick molasses flavors smoothing to a lightly smoky sweetness & a spiced fi


Smith & Vine

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