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Brooklyn's take on the iconic red bitters of Italy. Drink w/ club soda, in a negroni or with freshly squeezed OJ


It's a Negroni! TSA Approved! Portable! Covert! Made in Brooklyn!


Liqueur & Anisette

St. George | Absinthe Verte

Nice balance between herbaceous qualities, acidity and sweetness. All the individual flavor notes truly stand out.


Originally consisting of Kentucky bourbon, Black Maple Hill is now sourcing from the Steins. Oregon grain farmers since the 1890's and distillers since 200


Refreshingly sweet with an aromatic woodiness, notes of tree bark, and a nutty finish.


Handcrafted using water & barley from the Rocky Mtns w/ mash supplied by Flying Dog Brewery, this is sweet w/ vanilla & caramel notes


Made from 100% Tahona Crushed Blue Weber Agave. Aged in charred white American oak whiskey barrels for 7 months


Amaros, Vermouth & Mixers

Suze | Thuir, France

The nose is unusually fresh, verdant, & floral while the herbaceous palate really stands out leading to a pleasant, vegetal finish. For all your cockta


A truly authentic handmade añejo, aged for around 18 months in ex-bourbon casks. Complex, rich and smooth. With aromas and flavors that keep luring you ba


An unmistakable rye whiskey, Templeton Rye is smooth and spicy with a clean finish. There’s a reason people call it The Good Stuff


Velvety smooth, clean, aromatic and herbaceous. It embodies the caramel sweetness of port and the bitter flavors of a classic Italian Amaro.


Bitter, sweet and spicy. According to the traditional Creole style, fruity and floral aromas unite with the flavors of anise, caraway and fennel. Use me. T


Fruity and bitter. Citrusy with cloves, angostura bark and cinnamon. Mmmmm. The most old-fashioned for an "Old Fashioned" Cocktail Bitter made.


Delicate peach notes, balanced with hints of almonds and backed up with spices and balanced bitter nuances.The best Brandy based Cocktail Bitter we have fo


Japanese Whisky & Irish Whiskey

The Dead Rabbit | Irish Whiskey, Dublin, Ireland

Named after the notorious New-York Irish street gang and the NYC bar of the same name who commissioned it. There's a lot of life in this dead rabbit.


Notes of toffee, allspice, & clove give way to a fun palate of vanilla, ginger & peppercorns with a bold, yet smooth & clean finish. The legend lives.


The extra aging and port cask finish produce a silky sweet taste of rich fruits, honey & spice with a beautiful lingering oak finish


Smith & Vine

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