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Pure apple flavors true to the Hudson Valley. This is hard cider without compromise, simple yet sturdy, & downright delicious.


A semi-dry & late harvest cider, the intense nose of ripe apple is balanced with beautiful acidity and maturity on the palate.


A blend of more than 20 variety of light tart apples, this cider has a fruity-tangy apple nose with a long dry finish! Extremely chuggable.


Strong lavender balanced honey – followed by smooth, creamy apples. Bits of citrus & the carbonation even out the intense palate on the finish.


The apple and pear pomace from cider making is used in order to achieve this low abv and provocative beverage. Essentially, this is apple piquette!


Dry & tart oak aged farmhouse cider. Pairs well with respectable company and tasty food. #TableCider


A refreshing & dry palate cleanser that packs a citrusy & hoppy punch. Pairs well with late mornings and early afternoons. #BrunchCider


High acidity, low residual sugar, & funky notes make this a wine-lover's cider. It drinks like a lambic, austere & refreshing with sour apple notes.


Fresh, crisp and refreshing cider that offers zesty aromas and a touch of sweetness to balance a zippy finish.


An American take on Basque cider — tart, complex & delightfully drinkable. An unusual blend of European & New England fruit creates a unique cide


Smith & Vine

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